Historical Background of our Bahawalpur

Historical Background of our Bahawalpur

Image Description In 1977, the Government of Punjab sanctioned B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur as a separate Independent Education Board by separating Bahawalpur Division from Multan.

On 9 July 1977, the camp office of Bahawalpur Board was established in Multan and the Multan Board A board was called for Bahawalpur with the consent of the staff of

On 3 February 1978, the Bahawalpur Board started functioning in a rented building in Bahawalpur and the first supplementary 1978 examination was held in mid-1978 on completion of staffing.The Bahawalpur Board was later shifted to the Daulat Khana building.

The Board of Revenue allotted about 23 acres of land (where the present campus is located) to the Bahawalpur Board.

According to its financial resources, the board constructed a wall and a limited office building and the board was shifted to this campus in 1985. In view of the increasing number of candidates and requirements, it was decided to construct a new building for the board. 1989.The c

onstruction of the new building was started in September 1991 and was completed in 18 months at a cost of around Rs 2.5 crore.

The board office was shifted to the newly constructed building in March 1993 and the old building was reserved for sports hostel warehouse and secretariat offices. Now it has been decided that this old building will be earmarked for an examination centre.

Board Campus:

Thank God the new campus is not only spacious enough for the various branches of the board but also includes a magnificent auditorium, a grand mosque and separate buildings for the bank and post office. Moreover, there are 36 fully furnished residential quarters for the staff members of the Board.