About Bahawalpur

Map: Nawab Of Bahawalpur Information Bahawalpur is a historic city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Its history traces back to ancient times when it was part of the Indus Valley Civilization, evidenced by archaeological finds in the region. However, the modern history of Bahawalpur begins with the rise of the Abbasi tribe in … Read more

Future Plans

Future Plan The development of online automation and computerization at BISE, Bahawalpur has been completed. BISE Bahawalpur is also providing facility of SMS services to its stakeholders. In the upcoming examinations, BISE Bahawalpur will monitor its examination and marking centers through online system. Further, BISE Bahawalpur will interconnect all branches through a local network for … Read more

BISEBWP Current Laws

Current Laws In these rules, unless the subject matter or context is objectionable:- Act means the Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, 1976 as amended by Punjab Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1985 and as may be amended in future. “Bid” means a tender, or offer, in response to an invitation, by a person, … Read more

What We Do

Function And Power Of Target Organization Provides information/data of its SSC/HSSC examination candidates to Govt. Ensures smooth conduct of secondary and higher secondary examinations. Provides certificates to its passed candidates. Provides a no-objection certificate Correction in name/father’s name Rechecking of answer book Issuance of result cards Duplicate result cards/certificate Migration Certificate Manages co-curricular activities within … Read more

About Our Board

Historical Background of our Bahawalpur Historical Background of our Bahawalpur Image Description In 1977, the Government of Punjab sanctioned B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur as a separate Independent Education Board by separating Bahawalpur Division from Multan. On 9 July 1977, the camp office of Bahawalpur Board was established in Multan and the Multan Board A board was called … Read more

Who We Are

Who We Are… Administrative structure The administrative structure of the board consists of two sectors under which different branches are functioning. There are 264 sanctioned posts out of which 240 have been filled and 24 are lying vacant. Responsibilities (1.) Conduct of Examination: The primary and most important responsibility of the board is to conduct … Read more

Organization Setup

Organization Chart

Our Mission

Mission & Vision Statement Mission statement The mission of Bahawalpur Board is to provide education and examination services to the nation. The future of any nation mainly depends on its education system. Education paves the way for development and helps in achieving desired goals. Therefore, Bahawalpur Board is trying hard to take measures/initiatives to improve … Read more

Directory Update

Directory Update Directory INFORMATION & FACILITATION CENTER STAFF (0629255497) Sr No. Name Designation Contact 1 Mr. Riaz Ahmed Superintendent 03004062398 2 Navied Ejaz Ch Junior Computer Programmer   3 Mr. Muhammad Imran Senior Clerk 03336364355 4 Mr. Farukh Mahmood Senior Clerk 0312754531 5 Mr. Aqeel Akhtar Senior Clerk 03136654087 6 Mr. Imran Umar Din Senior … Read more

Grading Criteria

Grading Grading Formula PERCENTAGE OF MARKS GRADE REMARKS 80% Marks and above A+ Exceptional 70% and above but below 80% A Excellent 60% and above but below 70% B Very Good 50% and above but below 60% C Good 40% and above but below 50% D Fair Below 40% to minimum Pass Marks E Satisfactory